Africa’s animal kingdom

Reinhard Radke’s column on the African animal kingdom

Fotografen und Filmer in der Mara

Among photographers

African wildlife works hard in front of millions of tourist cameras every year. And if all play by the rules, animals might even benefit from that job!

Tough hunters

Hyenas are not exactly beloved animals. Still many see them as scavengers though research revealed already 50 years ago that they are supreme hunters.

Impala – The Perfect Antelope

Impalas are not only beautiful to look at – they have many interesting adaptations and a fascinating breeding system. At your next visit to the Mara, take your time and enjoy watching them for a while!

Looking down

Giraffes are especially beloved by animal photographers as their silhouettes beautifully enhance every sundown in the savanna…

Bold opportunists

Many people see jackals as cowards, steeling morsels from athletic hunters. But that is no easy business at all and most of their food is earned by themselves anyway!

Thomson’s Gazelle

Most visitors to the Maasi Mara think of the graceful “Tommies” first and foremost as a good meal for cheetahs. Too bad, you will be missing something…

Lair litters

One thing is for sure: Visitors to African National Parks like nothing more than cute little cheetahs, the smaller the better. But please: Don’t press too hard on their lairs, it might be deadly for them.