Matira Bush Camp

The Tents

Embraced by Nature

Matira is home to only 13 Tents built using the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials we could find. The tents are carefully placed to blend in and be as least intrusive of nature as possible while also providing maximum privacy.

Our tent platforms were built with temperature treated wood, ensuring that no harmful paints were introduced into nature.

Clean heated water with no chemicals is available from a natural source throughout the day, and organic bath products are provided for your stay.
Matira is also home to a biological clarification plant, ensuring that our grey water is cleaned of any impurities that may be harmful to the environment.

Our Tents are Divided into Two Categories


Comfort tents sit on ground level while Premium tents are placed on raised wooden platforms for an elevated view of either the open savannah or the small river running through the camp.


Both our tents types are ensuite and tastefully furnished, ensuring an amazing experience whichever tent you choose.

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