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Fear and Scare in the Maasai Mara

A handsome roast has come under the paws of the Rongai-Pride. While Longface, as leader of the group, stuffs his hungry stomach, the rest of the pride is waiting for their moment. More or less patient, because they are all hungry.
By safe distance from the action, a buffalo mother is restlessly watching what has happened to her neighbor. Her unrest is understandable in so far, as it has just given birth to a boy who can hardly stand on his own feet.
But the lions are busy at the moment. While one eats, the others fix the catch.
Until one of the lionesses can no longer

Crouching deep in the grass, she pushes past the young and bites. What a fright. The buffalo cow was now looking for space with her cub and the lioness achieved nothing. She has no chance against Longsface supremacy. And everyone heard that clearly.
Now the catch is out of reach – buried under a mighty lion.
The buffalo cow has seen enough. Still carrying the placenta, which is clearly perceptible to lions, she wanders deeper into the herd
for herself and her cubs safety.
The mood among the lions is still tense and the hunger is great. The horror of the
fighting is still in everyone’s bones.
Such a lion meal rarely
ends without wounds. And Longface stays calm. Nobody eats before he’s done.