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Antony Tira – The man who guides the wildlife filmmakers to the right path

If there were no good wildlife guides in the Maasai Mara, filmmakers and photographers would have to wait for weeks and months in the savanna, without finally having the certainty of getting the right footage or photo. The savannah is too big and too complex the behavior of the animals. We asked Antony Tira from “Matira Bush Camp” how he managed to bring the adventurers and producers to the right place at the right time to provide them with the most exciting picture material.

Antony, you are the most experienced guide at Matira Safari and have already accompanied many well-known film adaptations with your knowledge and experience in the Maasai Mará. How long do you follow this passion and what motivates you to follow the animals in the savannah?

To be a good guide is a talent that not come up from nowhere. When you follow the animals, you need to have the right feeling and understanding where this animal will go next – means you need to see the reaction, to scan the environment with all your sense and keep watching the behavior of the predator and the animals around. From there the talent starts and you know where the predator will do his hunt. It is not only the right time at the point – you need to know what is significant for the animals – in every special moment.

I follow the animals since more than 20 years and study their behavior. My motivation to follow the animals in the savanna is: I love them and i never get tired to observe them! Every day and situation is different and you get a real respect concerning their social interactions and behavior.

You saw much in the Masai Mara that no one else saw. What was the most impressive wildlife scene that has not been captured on film or photo?

One of my most impressive wildlife experience was the fight between a rock python and a lioness. The python wanted to eat the lion cubs, so the mother attacked the python and after a long fight, the lioness succeeded to rid off the rock python out of the area. This was the most dramatic wildlife scene, I saw in my life.

On how many and which documentaries and films did you already participate with your “hunting instinct”?

I guided many professional photographers and filmers. The most recent film is „Maleika, the Queen of Africa“ that will start in the German cinemas from October this year.

The Maasai Mara is a complex ecosystem that is subject to constant change. What are you looking for to Maasai Mara, for a healthy and sustainable future?

In the Masai Mara there are also environmental problems that make problems with the sensitive ecosystem. We humans have to learn to live in harmony with nature and better look for each other. My wish is to protect the Maasai Mara for the next generations. The unique wildlife here is a jewel and a gift and we have to protect this beautyful landscape of Maasai Mara.