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A travel report: 8 days at the Matira Bush Camp

In September 2017, Heiko Herrmann an his wife Anita spent eight days at Matira Bush Camp. After his stay, he gave us a small travel report with great photos, in which we want to let you participate:
“The camp, located in the middle of the Masai Mara, holds all the attention on the Matira-website. It is in an idyllic location in the middle of nature – with comfortable tents and an ambience, as one feels as part of the savannah. The food is excellent, the service outstanding and the staff is always attentive. In the family atmosphere of the camp we could just feel comfortable.

Eight days in the camp is also eight days from morning to night on safari. We didn’t regret it. I as an enthusiastic photographer had a great experience here. I was not for the first time in Africa but I have never seen such a spectacular wildlife before. Our guide, Jonathan, guided us to the animals purposefully, where we took  time to set the camera aside too and observe the animals quite calmly in their behavior. Our conclusion: Fantastic – you can only recommend!”
Thank you Heiko Herrmann! If you want to write your experiences with Matira, we are looking forward to your report. Next time – at Matira Bush Camp!