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Territory Fight in Notch Area

Only a few days after Caesar disappeard and the power of the Notches is going down now, new male lions are coming up fighting for the territory and females.
This morning a real action thriller happend at Lookout area.
One actor was the young strong male, who took over the female few days ago. We call him Barnoti as he looks quite young for his age and has a short mane. Barnoti was mating with the female while Buddha and Slaver, the former Sandriver males, appeared and came straight to him. Slaver was following the female down to the small stream while Buddha chased Barnoti. As soon Buddha went back direction Slaver, Barnoti didn’t give up and followed him. But he recognized too late that slaver ambushed him and chased him finally far away.
Later the two old males were mating with the female.
@matirabushcamp 23.08.2017