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A new bridge to the Adventure Camp

The legendary bridge that took you from the Matira Main to Adventure Camp, has been doing its best for years. Many adventurers crossed there and carried their exciting impressions with them, which they collected in the savannah. Now it was time to build a new bridge, because such a wooden structure does not last forever. In a three-week construction project, everyone joined and created a new “work of art” for the Matrira Bush Camp.

It was not without breaks. For three weeks the Matira team was busy with the help of friends, to build a new bridge over the small Matira River. Like the old Construction, indigenous logs and woods in their natural form as they grew, became a construct that can not be built like with industrial woods. Because no beam is straight and calculable. Good imagination and luck were needed.

The work welded everyone together and with fun and enthusiasm, a new bridge arose which even offers shelter by rainy weather and invites you to linger.
We are curious about what stories she can tell in a few years and are quite sure: she will experience many years and adventures!